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This is the place I share everything (but especially pictures!) that I find beautiful and compelling about Catholic nuns.

In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful things to give your life solely to God for the salvation of souls.

I am always so inspired when I see pictures of joyful, happy nuns and want to share that with you.

I sincerely hope this blog will touch someone's heart and perhaps stir something within them!

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Mar 13

Abbey of Gethsemani

I realize this isn’t about nuns, but this is an absolutely beautiful video about one of my favorite places on earth.

Also, I don’t know when this was made but it seems like they have quite a few more members now than they did whenever it was made. Maybe I’m imagining that. I do know they have a few novices now, which is exciting.

Mar 11

Passionist Nuns: Elements of the Monastic Charism

This is really beautiful, especially the end.

Passionist Nuns!

Dec 30
Maronite Servants of Christ the Light

Maronite Servants of Christ the Light

Dec 29

Cistercian Nuns

Nov 4

Nov 2

Oct 28

Oct 22



Investiture Ceremony of a Contemplative Dominican Nun.


Oct 17
“People of the world call the convent a prison; but, for me, the world was a prison; it is now and it always will be, although those who live as slaves of its maxims, do not recognize it. There is no greater liberty than that of a soul within the sacred walls of the cloister…far from the illusions and deceptions the world offers to those who love it. The soul that dedicates itself entirely to the service of the Lord can repeat with the Prophet: ‘Lord, you have broken my bonds, I offer you in sacrifice a host of praise.’ This is the sentiment of my poor heart, which will be a holocaust consumed in the fire of your love all the days of my life.”

Mother Maria Magdalena, C.P.

courtesy of this beautiful post by the Passionists.

Oct 15

Oct 14

Carmelite Nuns

Loretto, Pennsylvania

Oct 13

Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate

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